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 101. --That's a nice mobile phone.

--It is. My aunt   it for my last birthday.

A. buy   B. will buy  C. have bought  D. bought

102. --Where is Miss Lin?

--She          my deskmate with her lessons in her office.

A. helps  B. is helping  C. helped  D. will help

103. --Is Jim in the classroom?

--No, he   to the dining hall.

A. goes  B. will go  C. has gone  D. went

 104. --What's Tom doing now?

--He  in the library.

A. is reading  B. read  C. reads  D. will read

 105. -- I  you for two years. Where have you been?

--I have been to Africa.

A. didn't see  B. haven't seen C. don't see  D. won't see

106. Mr. Wu is still working in his office because he    his work yet.

A. didn't finish  B. doesn't finish  

C. hasn't finished  D. won't finish

 107. --Have you finished your project, Alice?

--Not yet, though I         it the whole night.

A. do  B. will do  C. was doing  D. have done

108. I have to be off now. My friends          outside.

A. wait   B. are waiting  C. have waited  D. were waiting

109. I didn't hear your call because I   to a piece of wonderful music then.

A. listen  B. will listen

C. am listening  D. was listening

110. My sister          plenty of volunteer work in the past seven years.

A. does  B. is doing  C. has done  D. had done

111. Flora looked out of the window and found it      heavily.

A. snows  B. snowed  C. has snowed  D. was snowing

112. They          about the charity show.  Let's go and join them.

A. are talking   B. have talked  C. talked  D. talk

113. --Sir, please put out your cigarette.  This is a smoke-free school.

--Sorry, I          the sign.

A. don't notice  B. didn't notice

C. haven't noticed  D. won't notice

114. --Look! Someone          the floor. It looks quite clean now.

--I guess Tom did it for he was on duty today.

A. is sweeping  B. was sweeping  C. has swept  D. swept

115. --When will your father come back?

--Oh, he           . And he is cooking now.

A. arrives  B. is arriving  C. has arrived  D. will arrive

116. --Who is that lady?

--She's Miss Green. She          us music, and she is so good.

A. taught  B. teaches  C. will teach  D. is teaching

117. --So sorry, Tom. I can't find the book you   me.

--It's OK. I don't need it anymore.

A. lend  B. have lent  C. will lend  D. lent

118. --What English saying can I use to encourage my friend to study hard?

--You may say"           ".

A.  No pain, no gain

B. Many hands make light work

C. Too many cooks spoil the broth

D. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

119. --I missed the wonderful film yesterday.

--          But you can watch it tomorrow.

A. Hurry up  B. I don't think so

C. Try your best  D. What a pity

120. --Sorry, I forgot to bring your book.

--            I won't use it today.

A. I'm afraid not  B. It doesn't matter

C. Thank you D. Of course not

121. --How could I thank you enough?

--          . Any other man would have done that.

A. As you like B. It's kind of you

C. Don't mention it D. Well, it depends

122. --My mother says she will cancel the family trip.  I really can't understand.

--            . You were looking forward to it.

A. It doesn't matter

B. It's very unwise of her

C. Don't worry about it

D. You must be sorry about it

123. --My friend has achieved his goal after years of hard work.

--Great!                          .

A. One tree can't make a forest

B. Where there is a will, there is a way

C. Many hands make light work

D. A friend in need is a friend indeed

124. --Will you please teach me how to shop online? 


A. With pleasure. B. Good luck.

C. It doesn't matter. D. Have a good time.

125. --                       

--Thanks, I will.

A. You're welcome.

B. Give my best wishes to your parents.

C. Thank you for your help.

D. You got the first prize.  Congratulations!

126. --Don't step on the grass next time, Mike. 


A.Is that so? B. Don't worry.

C. I don't know. D. Sorry, I won't.

127. -- Would you mind if I open the window?

--             . I got a cold.

A. Of course not  B. You'd better not

C. All right  D. It doesn't matter

128. --English is not easy, but I never lose hope.

--         You can do well in it!

A. Better later than never

B. The early bird catches the worm

C. Many hands make light work

D. Where there is a will, there is a way

129. --I failed the Maths exam again. I'm going to give it up.

--         It was just a test. I am sure you can do better next time.

A. That's right. B. Cheer up!

C. My pleasure. D. You are welcome.

130. --Wish you good luck in this English exam.


A. That's OK. B. Thank you.

C. Congratulations! D. You're welcome.

131. --You've done such a great job in the English speech contest, Sarah.

--                       .         

A. I agree with you  B. Thanks a lot

C. Please don't say so  D. It's hard to say

132. --Bad luck! I failed the driving test again!

--           . But never give up.

A. Congratulations  B. That's great

C. I'm sorry to hear that D. Well done

133. Where can you probably see this sign THIS SIDE UP ?

A. Inside a lift.  B. On a bus.

C. On a box.  D. In a street.

134. --Hello, everyone! I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm Simon from Canada.

--                        .     

A. What a pleasure B. You're welcome

C. Glad to meet you D. Don't mention it

135. --It's reported that there's going to be a strong wind the day after tomorrow.

--               . We are planning to go boating on that day.

A. I hope so  B. I don't think so

C. I'm afraid not  D. I hope not

136. --How is your brother now? I heard he was badly hurt yesterday.

--         . Thank you.

A. He's much better B. He's very shy

C. He's doctor D. He's David

137. --Will you have time to go shopping with me this evening, dear?

--          . I have an important meeting to attend then.

A. I'd love to  B. I hope not

C. I'm afraid not  D. I agree with you

138. --Would you please bring your CDs to me tomorrow? I'd like to have a look.

--                    . I will introduce something to you.

A. Not at all   B. No problem

C. No way   D. Never mind

139. --Excuse me, is this seat taken?

--          That man got his books and left a few minutes ago.

A. I'm afraid so  B. I don't think so

C. I don't know  D. I hope not

140. --Our school is so big.  How can we clean it up in a day?

--Don't worry.               .

A. Better to be safe than sorry

B. It's raining cats and dogs

C. Each dog has its day

D. Many hands make light work

141.-- I had a pleasant winter vacation with my family in the north.


A. Oh, that's very nice of you.

B. Enjoy yourself!

C. Well done !

D. Glad to hear that.

142. --It's hard to make our own decisions.

--I agree. We must choose          and be responsible for our action.

A. easily  B. wisely  C. loudly  D. heavily

143. --Have you seen Tom recently?

--                   . He often goes on business in Canada.

A. Seldom   B. Usually  C. Always   D. Often

144. They found the old man without any difficulty, for he has      changed over the years.

A. clearly  B. hardly  C. greatly  D. nearly

145. --Can you understand me?

--Sorry. I can          understand what you've said.

A. nearly  B. exactly  C. hardly  D. easily

146. The twin sisters look alike. It's not easy to tell the difference          them.

A. from   B. about   C. between   D. with

147. --Peter, will you leave for Great Britain now?

--No. It will be two weeks          I leave here.

A. until    B. since   C. before   D. when

148. The grassland, reaching out far away,  looks rather beautiful        the blue and clean sky.

A. against   B. above   C. through   D. past

149. No one can make great achievements        hard work.

A. among  B. between  C. along  D. without

150. The Earth Day fails          April 22nd every year.

A. of    B. in   C. on   D. at

151. Leaving the keys at home, Tom had to get in        the window.

A. across   B. through   C. over   D. between

152. All my friends came to my party        Tom, who went on business.

A. besides  B. without  C. except  D. beside

153. We are going to visit Mark          calling him first, for we want to give him a surprise.

A. by   B. through   C. with   D. without

154. Before the bridge was built     the river, the villagers had to take a boat to the other side.

A. in   B. beside   C. across  D. along

155. Do you know the man          is sitting behind Nancy?

A. where  B. which  C. what  D. who

156. The English-Chinese dictionary        my father bought for me many years ago is still of great help.

A. where   B. that   C. who   D. when

157. --Your shoes are beautiful!

--Thank you. They are the present         my mom bought me last month.

A. that   B. who   C. what   D. where

158. --You've chatted for nearly two hours.

--Yeah. We're talking about the things   happened yesterday.

A. what   B. that  C. when  D. where

159. Anyone          volunteers in our program will receive a book as a present.

A. which  B. who  C. what  D. whom

160. Most of people hate those          talk much but do little.

A. whom  B. who  C. whose  D. which

161. If you find free WiFi in public places, you don't          a password.

A. ask  B. give  C. have  D. need

162. --This is quite a new word.

--Right. It has already          the language.

A. spoken  B. used  C. entered   D. covered

163. Dreams are beautiful. However, to          them needs lots of time and work.

A. discover  B. find  C. achieve  D. stop

164. --I sent you an e-mail yesterday. Have you read it?

--Oh, sorry. I haven't           my e-mail.

A. chosen   B. written   C. checked   D. saved

165. Don't         your children with others. Just let them be themselves.

A. compare . share  C. connect  D. communicate

166. To protect the environment, supermarkets don't          free plastic bags to shoppers.

A. take  B. show  C. provide  D. carry

167. --What did your uncle call you for, Andy?

--He asked me if I had          the birthday present from him.

A. invited   B. ordered   C. received   D. raised

168. --Where did you        the magazine? --From the school library.

--How long can you      it? --For two weeks.

A. lend; borrow  B. borrow; lend

C. borrow; keep  D. lend; keep

169. Mike has a good habit of keeping healthy. He always          eating unhealthy food.

A. suggests  . regrets  C. avoids  D. enjoys

170. Be friendly and you'll          well with others.

A. look at   B. get on   C. put on   D. pick up

171. -- Bob, don't forget to          the lights when you leave the room.

--OK, Mum.

A. take off  .put off  C. turn off  D. knock off

172. UNICEF was          in Europe in 1946, after World War II.

A. put up  B. turned up  C. set up  D. given up

173. I       to prepare for the final exam last night.

A. picked up  B. woke up  C. stayed up  D. put up

174. When you have used that book, don't forget to      on the shelf.

A. put it out   B. put it up

C. put it through   D. put it back

175. Grandpa Li is kind. He often           rubbish and throws it into the dustbin in my neighborhood.

A. picks up B. sends up C. makes up D. dresses up

176. The world's population is getting larger, so scientists will have to           new ways to solve the food problem.

A. catch up with  B. keep up with

C. come up with  D. make up with

177. The plane will          in a minute. Please hurry up!

A. turn off  B. take off  C. put off  D. give off

 178. Although you may meet some difficulties, you should never.

A. turn up  . get up  C. give up  D. grow up

 179. Teenagers like to        photos of famous stars in their bedrooms.

A. put up  B. put away  C. put on  D. put out

 180. If you want to buy this dress, you'd better      first to make sure it fits you.

A. pay for it  B. take it off

C. tidy it up  D. try it on

 181. It's quite warm in the room. Why not          your coat?

A. pick up B. take off C. put off D. give away

182. --We need to         a time to have a talk now.

--What about tomorrow? I'm too busy today.

A. put up  B. fix up  C. use up  D. look up

 183. --Our monitor is good at all his subjects, but he never

--What a modest student!

A. gets off  B. puts off  C. shows off  D. takes off

 184. --Can you come on Monday or Tuesday, Scott?

--I'm afraid          is possible. I'm away on business.

A. both  B. either  C. neither  D. none

185. A smile costs      but it gives so much.So we should learn to smile.

A. nothing  B. something  C. anything  D. everything

186. --How much should I pay for the food, madam?

--It costs            The food is free here.          needs to pay for it.

A. nothingNobody  B. noneNo one

C. nothingEverybody  D. noneAnybody

187. Grandfather looked at Mary         when she cut in on him.  "Be quiet, Mary," he said.

A. excitedly  B. happily  C. angrily  D. carefully

188. Mary had made her decision and   to change her mind.

A. promised  B. planned  C. refused  D. started

189. -- Andy was really a dark horse in the competition!

--         . Few people expected him to win in it.

A. I can't agree  B. Me too  

C.That's right  D. Good idea

190. It's not the best dictionary you can buy;        , it's better than nothing.

A. however  B. instead  C. in fact  D. also

191. --We can plan a party for the end of the school year.

--Great,         _? I can organize all the music!

A. what for  B. why not  C. really  D. what's up

192. We should be kind to the old and take care _        them.

A. of   B. for  C. with   D. about

193.William Shakespeare         for 400 years, but his works still have great influence today.

A. died  B. was dying

C. has died  D. has been dead

194. At the farewell party, Kobe Bryant said,  "         the support of my fans, it would be hard for me to achieve such a great success. '

A. With  B. Under  C. Through  D. Without

195.           Lily         Lucy may go with you because one of them must stay at home.

A. Not only... but also  B. Neither... nor

C. Both...and  D. Either... or

196. What's the difference in temperature      the day and the night?

A. of   B. between  C. at  D. with

197. I think the chat show is perfect,     Amy said it's boring.

A. and  B. but C. or D. so

198. There was such a long queue for the tickets for the opening ceremony      we gave up and went back home sadly.

A. which  B. who  C. that   D. what

199. My father is always busy with his work, so it is            that he can spend the whole weekend with our family.

A. impolite  B. true  C. common  D. unusual

200. Thomas Edison was          who created over 1,000 new things all his life.

A. an inventor B. a fighter C. an explorer D. a composer


101~105 DBCAA 106~110 CCBDC 

111~115 DABCC 116~120 BDADB           

121~125 CDBAB 126-130 DBDBB          

131~135 BCCCD 136~140 ACBBD        

141~145 DBABC 146~150 CCADC

151~155 BCDCD 156-160  BABBB       

161~165 DCCCA  166~170 CCCCB           

171~175 CCCDA  176~180 CBCAD          

181~185 BBCCA  186-190 ACCCA        

191~195 BADDD 196-200  BBCDA

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